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Lusting For Love - Workers in Paradise - 1 (McCallister's Paradise - 6)

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sensual

When opposites attract, the special ‘magic’ of McCallister’s Paradise could be the only hope to teach them about true love.

Flirtatious, audacious, fun-loving Janie Davis loves her life on McCallister’s Paradise as a lifeguard. She finally has everything she’s aspired for—a different man every night and one true friend to stick with her no matter what life brings. Larissa McCallister constantly nags her to settle down with one guy, wanting Janie to be as happy as she is. Janie knows her bestie means well, but life has proven that everyone leaves. Having fun with no strings is the safe option.

Handsome, kind-hearted Archer Croft landed his dream job and is working as a chef. After a shattering breakup with his ex, he took the plunge and interviewed with McCallister’s Paradise, changing his life in an instant. When he tries to save a drowning child on the beach shortly after moving to the island, his life course once again shifts. The beautiful lifeguard who saves him seems like an angel. While he finds himself attracted to Janie, there’s one problem—her angelic looks hide the truth. She’s exactly the kind of woman he can’t stand, one who thinks nothing of intimacy with multiple men.

When a challenge to their fledgling romance strikes, the possibility of trust winning out and them finding a happily ever after seems bleak. The only chance they have is to quit running from their feelings to get over past heartaches. They need to be honest with themselves and each other, but old habits die hard.

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