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Unexpected Gift (Christmas Fairy Tales - Cali's Story)

Genre: Contemporary Christmas Novella

Heat: Sweet (PG rating)

Length: 37,000 words


Aspiring decorator Cali Johnson moves to New York City—lonely, afraid, and far from home during the holidays. When she finds a lost cat in her apartment building, she strikes up an odd friendship with his owner. Marcus Ritz is a horrible recluse who will only talk to her on the phone and refuses to meet face to face. As Christmas comes closer and Marcus helps her loneliness fade, Cali finds herself falling for the mysterious man. If only she knew what he was hiding.

Unexpected Gift 2 (Christmas Fairy Tales - Dani's Story)

Genre: Contemporary Christmas Novella

Heat: Sweet (PG rating)

Length: 40,000 words

Life has taught housekeeper Dani Johnson to be cynical and untrusting. The local veterinarian and a very special cat work hard to soften her heart this Christmas. However, the untimely revelation of his secrets might cause Dani to run from love forever.

Season For Love

Genre: Contemporary Christmas Novella

Heat: Sweet

Length: 32,000 words


The specter of death tempered by beautiful miracles is all in a day’s work for head nurse Tess Riggs and pediatric specialist Dr. Dash Brisson. They both consider themselves practical and levelheaded, so throwing caution to the wind and realizing Christmas is the season for love could be their biggest challenge yet.

Loving Lucy

Genre: Contemporary Christmas Novella

Heat: Sensual

Length: 32,000 words


Issued a challenge at the company Christmas party, reserved accountant Blake Carmichael determines to catch Lucy Brier’s interest, a woman he’s lusted after for years. Although she’s a touch wild, Blake hopes she can bring happiness into his life, and perhaps become great mother material for his five-year-old son.


Lucy’s determined to win her own bet—quit flirting and stay single until next Christmas…a full year without a man, next to impossible for the audacious brunette. 

Tempting Trish

Genre: Contemporary Christmas Romantic Suspense Novel

Heat: Sensual

Length: 80,000 words

Christmas on a singles' cruise, what could be better? Well, except for the pesky details of Rider Stone's shipmates disappearing under suspicious circumstances and the fact that he was blackmailed into taking the trip in the first place. Tempting Trish Brier to fall for him is the only sane thing happening for Rider on this Christmas cruise.

Serving Up Love

Genre: Contemporary Suspense

Heat: Spicy

Length: 33,000 words


Rising tennis star Melanie Rush has a crush on her sexy coach, Ethan Patterson. Although he has strict rules against relationships within his tennis program, Melanie wants to break them all. She’s determined to make Ethan hers.


Ethan’s sure Melanie will be the next big thing on the women's circuit, so he struggles to keep things professional while leading her to greatness. Then again, he never expected the “spoiled little rich girl” to have a softer side.


Even though dating Melanie is against his principles, Ethan and Melanie can't keep their hands off each other. How much is love worth when scandal slams their careers into the ground?

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