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John & Susan McCallister - Parents/owners of McCallister’s Paradise

  • Quinn (32 years old) (Larissa Benner – wife) artist and owner of art gallery on island.

    November, Year Zero (Happy Endings).

       ~Lilly (5 months) – born July, year 2.

  • Parker (29 years old) (Sierra Burns – fiancée) snorkeling/scuba diving instructor.

    Summer, Year 1 (Diving Into Love).

       ~ Ryan (1-1/2 years) – born May 15, year 1.

       ~ Emma (1 month) – born November, year 2.

  • Sydney (27 years old) (Matt Coleson – fiancé) runs the McCallister Charity Fund.

    November, Year 1 (For Love or Charity).

  • Brad (25 years old) (Chelsea Taylor – wife) Manager of McCallister’s Paradise Resort

    April, Year 2 (Love's Ride).

       ~ Pregnant – baby boy due February, year 3.

  • Shane (23 years old) Head Chef at Paradise Point and oversees The Pavilion staff

    December, Year 2 (Cooking Up Love).

More information about the history of the McCallister siblings and their loves.

  • Quinn is the oldest brother. He is an artist and married Larissa Benner, a massage therapist on the island. Their story started with an unusual request that almost ruined Quinn's chances with Larissa!

  • Parker is the second brother, a huge flirt who runs the snorkeling/scuba diving expeditions on the island. His fiancée, Sierra Burns, comes from a rich family with problems. 

  • Sydney is the only girl and runs the McCallister Family Charity Fund. Her fiancé, Matt Coleson, ran a charity in New York City to help people with addiction problems get back on their feet (New Beginnings). 

  • Brad is second-to-youngest brother. He took over as manager of McCallister’s Paradise after Quinn married Larissa. Before that, he managed the resort’s horse stables. He was in love with the island's therapist, Chelsea Taylor, secretly for a year before getting the courage to ask her out.

  • Shane is the baby of the family. He acts as head chef at Paradise Point Restaurant and oversees The Pavilion staff. He can't help but fall for Elaina Turner and her super cute daughter, Princess Kylee. 

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