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Blissful Contracts - Opal.jpg

Blissful Contracts - Opal

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sensual 


Need a wife in a hurry? Millionaire Partner, Inc. is here for you! Find the perfect companion to fulfill your needs, whether you’re looking for love or something else.



I’d saved myself for true love. I nearly had it before an accident irrevocably changed everything. A marriage broker is my only hope of survival. They’ve given me the symbol Opal. I’m a product now, not a person. Signing a marriage contract with a millionaire doesn’t seem much different than prostitution.


Byron Laserata is intense, but I’m out of options. If I refuse his offer, I’ll be on the streets tomorrow. I’m not entirely happy with the terms, but the payout at the end of the contract is amazing. I can do this, right?



Father insists I marry and produce two heirs before inheriting the family business. Even though I’ve been running it for years, there’s no chance he’ll budge on this demand. Without a proper wife and kids, I’ll find myself outed in favor of my cousin. Millionaire Partner, Inc. can help. They find appropriate, compliant wives without all that bothersome dating and love required. Who has time for romance after working sixteen-hour days?


Opal’s sweet and appears incredibly innocent. She’ll be perfect—easy to control and no chance she’ll demand things I can’t give. I’m the master of my life, and I’ll run hers as well. It’s the perfect solution. All I have to do is keep myself from developing feelings for my new bride. I can’t afford it. The business demands my full attention.

Blissful Contracts - Ruby.jpg

Blissful Contracts - Ruby

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sensual to Spicy


Need a wife in a hurry? Millionaire Partner, Inc. is here for you! Find the perfect companion to fulfill your needs, whether you’re looking for love or something else.


The thefts I’m commissioned to do are getting harder. It doesn’t matter that the people I rob are the true thieves. Without a doubt, I’ll land in prison if caught. A beautiful woman on my arm at high-class parties would be a good distraction and help provide cover when I slip away, especially if she can’t testify against me if we’re caught. A wife would suit my purposes, but I need one I can control fully. With the help of Millionaire Partner, Inc. I’ll find the woman I can master both in business and the bedroom.

It’s so damn hard making a living as an older model—not that I’m old, but anything above twenty is considered over the hill. With no family to fall back on and very few people I can trust in the competitive world I live in, a marriage contract might be what I need. Some rich, romantically inept geezer can pay for everything needed to keep my lavish lifestyle. It’s not like I’m against using my body to get what I want. I’ll blow his mind and my new sugar daddy will never want to let me go. I’m ready to be mastered.

Blissful Contracts - Sapphire.jpg

Blissful Contracts - Sapphire

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sensual to Spicy


Need a wife in a hurry? Millionaire Partner, Inc. is here for you! Find the perfect companion to fulfill your needs, whether you’re looking for love or something else.



As a New York State Assemblyman now running for a seat in the House of Representatives, I need a wife to look respectable. I’m young, so I need to reassure people I’m steady, stable, and trustworthy. When I found a woman at Millionaire Partner, Inc., I never expected her to be so familiar. I can’t believe she’s the woman from all those years ago. If she ever finds out the truth, not only will my marriage and position in politics be at risk, but my very freedom will be jeopardized. Still, there’s something about her warmth that makes me want to protect her.



After being robbed and left for dead eight years ago, I find it hard to be by myself or spend time in the dark. My roommate was just married, and the newlyweds want me out of their house. With no one to help me anymore, marrying a super rich guy will be my only way to get what I need. I hope he’s not too terrible. My fear of men is almost as bad as my fear of the dark.

Blissful Contracts - Diamond.jpg

Blissful Contracts - Diamond

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sensual to Spicy


What have I gotten into? I’d expected a relationship that could lead to something real. Levi Thornton couldn’t care less about me! We didn’t even talk before he picked me and demanded marriage, giving me a cold rundown on the perks of signing a marriage contract.

Odd as he seems, the man definitely has a soft spot for his ailing grandfather. He can’t be all bad. Levi’s ignoring his own desire to avoid romance, just to make his grandfather smile. He seems all business and no heart, but I sense a fragility and a deep wound holding him back. Is there a sweet side waiting to be uncovered or am I fooling myself?



Grandpa’s dying wish is for me to get married and live a happy life after he passes on. How can I do that? The only woman I ever trusted betrayed me when I was ten. Since then, each new girl has proven mother wasn’t unique. Women are liars and cheats. If I pay a girl to be with me and treat Grandpa like a king, she’ll have no reason for deception in our so-called love life. A contract marriage is the only option.


There’s just one problem with this farce of a marriage—Cheyenne already feels different from other women. She doesn’t suck up or play games. Hell, she’s downright rude at times. On top of that, Grandpa loves her. If ever I could fall for someone, it would be her. Too bad I’m damaged goods. Love isn’t in the cards, but I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Grandpa happy during his last months in this world.

Blissful Contracts - Emerald.jpg

Blissful Contracts - Emerald

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sensual to Spicy


My greatest desire is to become a doctor. Perhaps in some small way, that can make up for the mistakes in my past. Unfortunately, money is always an obstacle. When I was first approached about making a contract marriage to achieve my goals, the thought of marriage without love was too abhorrent. I’m still not sure I made the right choice, but something tells me Asher Hughes is a man worth loving, if I can only break through his controlling attitude and claims of love at first sight. If I can find the man beneath the mask, perhaps all my dreams can come true.

As if being stuck in this wheelchair after an accident last year wasn’t bad enough, now my parents are pressuring me for grandkids. Kate is the first woman I’ve felt desire for in years. She holds the answers to unlock my issues, but she isn’t the type to be swept off her feet. Still, someone has come after her, threatening to hurt her with an anonymous letter slipped under our door. Whether she knows it or not, she’s my woman now. I’ll protect her and make her fall in love. It’s the only choice I have since I’m already questioning whether I can live without her.

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