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#NewRelease - Ten Year Crush - Romance

Title: Ten Year Crush
Author: Toshia Slade
Release Date:  August 18, 2014


Sometimes a crush can break you.

When Gabby Murphy landed in her brother's best friend's lap her whole world shifted.

But after years of watching Cam go through women her heart can't take anymore. Now in college, she's finally ready to get on with her life. Her new boyfriend is the perfect man to squash her craving for Cam. But her boyfriend has an addiction, an obsession that Gabby soon finds out he can't let go.

Some cravings last forever.

When Camron Taylor received a thump to the head, he couldn't help but adore Gabby. When she grows from cute kid to desirable woman his imagination goes to places it shouldn't. Afraid of ruining friendships he pushes her away. Until something seems off with her new boyfriend.

The past isn't always left there.

Cam is the savior she's always needed. Gabby is the woman he's always coveted. When past mistakes come back with a vengeance will their love be strong enough to fight it? Or will the past keep them apart?



Gabby walks by the table toting some surfer boy behind her. Anger ignites in my blood and I grind my molars to keep me from doing something stupid, and then grab my beer and take a deep pull.

Cool it, dude. Josh’s baby sister. And it’s her birthday.

Then that damn song comes on. I sit back and watch them out of the corner of my eye. When Gabby pulls him closer, I grip my bottle tighter, my muscles tense.

Mother. Fucker. Now she’s grinding on his leg. And Josh and Tiffany are bickering with each other. I can’t deal with any of this shit. I drain my beer and head to the bar for another one without a word.

“Motivation” by Kelly Rowland starts playing. Do they have to play every fuck-me song out there?

I lean back against the bar and chug my beer. Three drinks and it’s gone. I order another and head back to the table.

Gabby has her back to the asshat now and she’s doing this thing with her hips, moving lower and lower. If I wasn’t seeing red, I’d be rearranging myself.

Damn, she can move those hips.

Isn’t Josh going to do anything about this dude dry-fucking his sister on the dance floor?

Turning again, she’s back to fucking his leg. His hands move to her ass and that’s it, white-hot fury overtakes me. I slam my bottle down on the table making Tiffany jump. Josh gives me a what-the-fuck-is-your-problem look.


Toshia resides in Nicholasville, Kentucky with her husband, son, a dog, and a cat. Growing up in the small area known as Poosey she was a tom-boy and country girl at heart. At nineteen she married her husband, and then at twenty-one was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. She's been a stay-at-home mom since he was born, enjoying watching her son grow up.

Now, five years later, she is an avid reader and known in the book world as a reviewer. She is currently running a group for another author on Facebook. It was there, in that group, that she found the strength and courage to write her own book. Always having a love for writing, she finally said. "I can do this, I can write my own book and share the stories that are in my head." She's gearing up to release her first book Ten Year Crush.

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#BookReview - Foreigner In My Own Backyard - Humor

Title: Foreigner In My Own Backyard
Author: Travis Casey
Genre: Autobiographical humor
Release Date: August 1, 2014
My Rating: 4 stars!

A family crisis brings Travis Casey back to the land he used to call home after living in England for the past two decades.

His parents need him – not as a carer as he expected, but as someone to drive them from Florida back to their home in Minnesota.

Just as well; he’s not a caring person, but he is a damn good driver.

But the country is not how he left it…

Casey uses his own brand of humor to explore what has changed in America since he lived there – that’s when he’s not recounting the chaos that occurs as he attempts to reestablish himself as an American. He discovers that entering the United States with his British wife is more difficult than he had anticipated.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
--Chinese Proverb

A journey of seven thousand miles begins with a trip to the US Embassy
I'm a big fan of Travis Casey and his brand of humor. Though much different from his fiction works (in Tyler's Trouble Trilogy books are far-fetched Navy journeys of laughter and thrills) I still really enjoyed this one. This autobiographical story about Travis Casey and his wife uprooting their lives in the UK to move back to America to take care of his aging parents is so easy to relate to. Many of us have to sacrifice for the love of our family. Travis' parents are lovable and exasperating all at the same time, and it was great reading about the different trials they go through with Dad not wanting to give up his independence and Mom becoming forgetful. It made me think so much of my grandparents and what we all face with age. 

There were a lot of funny bits in the book that gave me a good laugh, most notably a reference about a mountain and a molehill. As always, Travis Casey entertains. Read this book to get a glimpse into the mind and life of a writer, and a good chuckle along the way.

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#Interview & Giveaway - What if It's Love? by Alix Nichols

What If It's Love? by Alix Nichols

 What If It's Love? by Alix Nichols

Series: Bistro La Boheme
Publication Date: June 2014
No. of Pages: 244 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult


Can a Paris bistro heal a broken heart?

Charm, wit and poignancy abound in this gripping contemporary romance.

Introverted heiress Lena moves to Paris to nurse old wounds reopened by her neglectful boyfriend. Enter Rob, a charismatic and handsome Frenchman who waits tables at La Bohème -- a café on Lena’s street -- and has big dreams.

He makes her laugh and forget her insecurities. She stirs something infinitely tender in his soul. Before they know it, they’ve fallen for each other, even though both had good reasons to fight the budding love.

But their passionate romance is cut short when she discovers his dirty secret...

 Add to Goodreads: What If It's Love? by Alix Nichols

~Watch the Trailer~


I had a chance to sit down with Alix, and here is a bit about her and her process. 

How would you describe your book in 20 words or less without using the blurb? It's a story about recognizing love. 

State a random fact about yourself that would surprise your readers. I discovered and fell in love with romance books only a few years ago. Until then I'd been a hardcore science fiction fan. 

Have you always wanted to be a writer? Yes. But before the advent of direct publishing I didn't dare dream it was possible. 

What are your favorite hobbies? Reading and cinema. My idea of fun is to consume fiction, as you can see. 

Do you have a day job? Unfortunately, yes. 

Ha, ha. I know the feeling. What do you love about writing? The inspired moments when I can't type fast enough. 

What’s the hardest part of writing a book? Discovering upon rereading that a scene you were really pleased about when you wrote is actually really bad. 

But it's also great on rereading a scene and finding it is better than you thought! ;-) Did you do any research before start or during of the writing of the books? I do most of my research after I complete the first draft. 

Your favorite books and author?

In sci-fi, it’s “Rendezvous with Rama” and "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke’s, "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov,"Fahrenheit 451" and "The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury's,. 

In romance / chick lit, I love nearly all books by Marian Keyes, India Knight, Courtney Milan, Katarina Mazetti, Judith Ivory, Tessa Dare and Kresley Cole. 

How important do you find the communication between you and your readers? Do you reply to their messages or read their reviews? I read every review and reply to every message. Hearing from the readers is vital for me. 

Morning person or night owl?  Night owl.

Me too!! What are your thoughts on ebooks? Love ebooks, love my Kindle, yay!

How many more books can we expect in this series? The current plan is for six novels and five novellas. But I may end up writing more.


"Can we be friends again?" he asked.

"So you think we were friends?"

He nodded.

She arched her brows. "And you think you can be friends with me and Amanda at the same time?"

"Why not?"

"Can be a health hazard, what with all the sparks that fly."

He grinned. "Never mind Amanda's taunts. She's like that with everyone."


"Spiky. But she's a sweetheart, once you've grown on her."

"I wonder how I could ever accomplish that." Lena smiled, a speck of sadness still lingering in her eyes.

He stared, mesmerized. He could never get enough of that smile.

A cloud hiding the moon must have shifted, because suddenly silver light poured over the terrace turning it into an enchanted place.

Lena gasped. "What happened to your hand?"

He followed her gaze and saw that the knuckles of his right hand were smeared with blood. Shit. He could bet there'd been none after he punched the wall.

He covered the abrasions with his other hand. "It's nothing."

She grabbed his wrist and yanked his hand closer to her face. "Have you disinfected them?"

Rob didn't register her question. He looked at her delicate fingers holding up his hand. Then at her face. She was squinting at his hand, trying to assess the seriousness of his cuts. Her gesture was devoid of any erotic subtext. And yet the contact of her skin scorched him, just like when he held her hand at L'Espace. It stirred an impulse inside him that was both feverishly raw and infinitely gentle. It made his heart bump against his ribcage as if demanding to get out.

He gazed at her hands holding his. The urge to run his fingertips over her skin, from her nails down to her wrist and then inside her palm was too overwhelming to resist. . .

"So have you?" she asked.

Rob blinked and looked up. "Have I what?"


"It's just a graze."

"I have a disinfectant in my suitcase," she said. "I can fetch it--"

And release my hand? "Stay," he blurted out. Shit. "I mean, I also brought some, so you don't need to bother. I'll disinfect as soon as I get back to my room. I promise."

"OK," she said softly and let go of him.

~Buying Links~ Paperback | Kindle Ebook Kindle Ebook

~Meet the Author: Alix Nichols~

Alix Nichols is an avid reader of chick lit, romance and fantasy, caffeine addict and a badge-wearing Mr. Darcy / Colin Firth fan.

She lives and works in Paris, France. When not writing, she reads romance (what else?) and spends time with her family.

Social media links:
 Alix on Goodreads Alix's FB Page  Alix on Pinterest  Alix's Website


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#BookReview - Lost Avalon: A Finding Nolan Novel

Title: Lost Avalon: A Finding Nolan Novel
Author: K.S. Thomas
Release date: July 22, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My rating: 5 stars!


Fame, fortune and a future paved with rock and roll gold. Blaise Nolan has it all. With his brooding good looks, haunting voice and troubled lyrics of a soul gone lost, it's no wonder Finding Nolan has been climbing the music charts with back to back hits. Only Blaise didn't wind up brooding, haunted and lost by accident...

Avalon Jennison has been the girl next door since she was five. The best friend since she was eight. The band manager since she was sixteen and the keeper of his secrets always. Ava's been there every step of the way, helping him live his dreams and keeping his nightmares at bay. But the years of putting Blaise's needs above her own are about to be over.

However, Blaise has one secret even Ava doesn't know..and it could be the thing that breaks her heart completely, or finally puts it back together.


Another winner for me and a real page turner! Ava and Blaise have so much to overcome and deal with throughout the book, and I rooted for them to work things out and for Blaise to defeat his problems. Mostly, I wanted to see Ava get the love she deserved and realize how much she really did deserve it. She's such a great character. I loved her attitude and the way she views things, but she also let herself be taken advantage of so much. She gave too much of herself, and I hoped she'd learn to stand up for what she needed. 

Blaise fighting his demons and the troubles that come along with that seemed so realistic that I worried the hurts he had could ever be healed. There were parts that were so tough, mixed with the sweetness and romance. I really wanted him to figure this all out and go after what really mattered to him.

K.S. Thomas' skills improve with each novel she writes. I loved this story and look forward to her next book!

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#NewRelease ~ Erotic Dysfunction - Nonfiction/Adult

Title: Erotic Dysfunction: People's Most Embarrassing and Absurd Sex Confessions.
Author: John Castle
Release Date: July 18, 2014
Genre: Nonfiction/Adult

Author Bio

John Castle is a 24 year-old aspiring writer from the Philippines. He found his passion in writing a year ago and after six months, decided to quit his corporate job to seek his happiness in writing. He owns the websites where he posts his stories and where he shares people’s sex confessions. He is a retired dating coach. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in a state university in his country. He is now living with his girlfriend and a grumpy cat named Eros. 

Where to buy the book:

What kind of stories can be read in Erotic Dysfunction:
Almost Died

One night before bed, my boyfriend at the time and I decided to do our nightly ritual of getting off. I live by the oath that I was taught to give my man a blow job at least once a week. So this night was the night. After I swallowed him, I lied down next to him proud of myself. About an hour later, I woke up choking. My throat was closing and it felt like liquid is flowing freely from my throat into my lungs and stomach. I panicked and wake up my boyfriend to take me to the ER.

Once we were there, the doctor rushed to me and asked if I’m allergic to any medicines. I was unable to talk but my boyfriend told the doctor I am, in fact, allergic to Penicillin. The doctor stated that I was having an allergic reaction and he wanted to know if I ingested Penicillin. I quickly shook my head, knowing I am deathly allergic. Then he asked, “Well if you haven't ingested it how did you get it in your system?” At that point, my boyfriend was very embarrassed and said, under his breath, “I am taking it.” The doctor looked confused for mere seconds and then smiled. He said, “I can stop this reaction for you this time, but you should be more careful of what you ingest from now on.” I wanted to die!

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#NewRelease ~ Foreigner In My Own Backyard

My friend Travis Casey has finally released his latest book. It's a humorous nonfiction accounting of his latest adventures, which I'm currently reading and enjoying (review to come soon). Here's what Travis had to say about this book:

"When I began writing for public consumption, I started with non-fiction. I've always loved writing NF and like putting a satirical slant on things, and sometimes even being slightly opinionated. When I moved into writing fiction, I had to become the character, which is a different kind of writing and I love the challenge.

Foreigner In My Own Backyard is a move back into non-fiction writing. Despite what may be thought about me or this book, the genuine meaning is not about me spouting off about what's wrong with the world - America in particular - but it's more my observations about what has changed since I lived in the country I once served to defend and protect. I now merely exercise my earned right to freedom of speech using my powers of observation.

However, being a novelist, the book begins with a journey from Florida to Minnesota with my wife, parents, and three dogs. I use my storytelling ability which puts everything in a comedic vein which is carried throughout the book. This is a fun, easy, light-hearted read. That's just my style.

Foreigner In My Own Backyard details my journey, trials, and tribulations of leaving my country of residence for the past twenty years, and returning to my country of birth and upbringing as I attempt to became an American again after living as a Brit for two decades.

If nothing else, I offer this as a change from other genres one may ordinarily read. A change is as good as a rest, they say, and Foreigner In My Own Backyard is just that type of book."
A family crisis brings Travis Casey back to the land he used to call home after living in England for the past two decades.

His parents need him – not as a carer as he expected, but as someone to drive them from Florida back to their home in Minnesota.

Just as well; he’s not a caring person, but he is a damn good driver.

But the country is not how he left it…

Casey uses his own brand of humor to explore what has changed in America since he lived there – that’s when he’s not recounting the chaos that occurs as he attempts to reestablish himself as an American. He discovers that entering the United States with his British wife is more difficult than he had anticipated.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
--Chinese Proverb

A journey of seven thousand miles begins with a trip to the US Embassy

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#NewRelease ~ Romance Anthology ~ Hot Summer Nights

Can you handle the heat? A compilation of steamy stories to entice, tantalize, heat you up and take your breath away by ten of your favorite authors. Grab a cold drink before settling in for a hot summer night of reading.

After eight years of marriage, Ian and Brittany are in a rut. Their life together has become routine, no longer filed with fun and spontaneity. And their love life? Non-existent.
Longing to break the dull, repeating pattern that is her life, Brittany looks to a friend for some advice on how to put some spice back into her marriage.
Her friend’s advice? A hands on, in home sex therapist.
Brittany brushes her off at first, but after another night of unexciting sex, she’ll try anything…ANYTHING to save her love life, even if it is an unconventional route. 
Journey through the ups and downs of love, life, and lust with Brittany, Ian, and their sex therapist.
Melody is on her third date with James Thomas. She knows he expects them to have sex tonight, but what she doesn’t know is that he’s taking her to Fantasies for Rent an exclusive ranch where she’s in for the hottest experience of her life. Melody may learn she’s a submissive, but in the end will she agree to all the fantasies the club has to offer?
This book contains situations that you may find objectionable. If you find spanking, anal sex, bondage or ménage offensive, then this book is way too hot for you.
Hope Fairbanks is ready to cut the purse strings. She longs for the day that her affluent family will quit trying to buy off her dream of traveling the world as an art broker. 
When she lands an internship at an elite NYC art gallery, Hope believes she’s finally on her way to freedom. That is until her first major assignment is to assist the highly sought after painter, Jonah Dempsey, with an upcoming show. 
The eccentric, older artist unleashes Hope’s creative side by stripping away her inhibitions, one lashing at a time.
Tilly Shanters has big plans to make this summer a blue ribbon event. She’s heading off to college in the fall and has a few things to check off her list.
~ Win the county fair pie contest
~ Pack for college
~ Lose her virginity
Author Alex Saunders is just passing through. He has a few things to check off his list as well.
            ~ Clean out the house that was willed to him.
~ Sell it
~ Get to Hollywood to see his book turned into a movie
They had their summer set, until fate stepped in to redirect them. One night––one event––everything changed.

WARNING: This story contains mind-blowing sex, spanking, and dirty words. Proceed at your own risk.
After finding her husband of twenty-one years with her best friend, Cherry Black found herself in an abyss that she was not ready to climb out of. That was until her long lost spark was renew upon meeting and interviewing the elusive owner of the hottest BDSM club in the state.
An interview that she will never forget.
An interview that will either heal her or destroy her.
Elizabeth Slade, a college English instructor, has experienced success as a romance writer, but she has a dirty little secret:  She can’t write sex scenes without a little help from Carl, a gorgeous guy who plays her pretend boyfriend and makes a booty call whenever her imagination is flailing.
She’d like for Carl to commit to be her permanent and real boyfriend, and she thinks that’s where they’re headed until she finds him getting way too cozy with another woman in a bar.
At that point, she enlists the help of her friend, fellow college instructor Roman Decker, who offers to temporarily take Carl’s place while she sorts through her emotions.  She grows confused when she realizes she’s also attracted to Roman.  When Carl comes back to her on bended knee, does she take the bad boy who broke her heart or try to convince her friend to make a real go of it?
Ava Porter wants to seduce her boss who has no idea she's even on the planet. After indulging in enough wine to knock out her common sense and removing her contacts,she decides to pay him a visit.
Lucas Anderson is dog sitting for his younger brother when a beautiful woman knocks on the door, removes her coat to reveal a red bra and matching thong. Not a man to say no to a lady, he invites her in.
After an amazing night together, it takes a while for them to reunite, but when they do, sparks fly. Ava has dated so many losers, how can she think differently of Lucas? Life is full of surprises and they have to learn if love can be more than a one night stand.
I’ve really done it this time.
I’m such a fucking weak, pathetic mess when it comes to this man and he knows it.
And because he knows it, I hate him for exploiting my weakness.
He blows my entire world wide open, breaks down my barriers and I let him.
Because when it comes to this man, my beautiful, broken man, I’m totally fucking lost.
I don’t know how to deny him or deny myself of what I truly need.
He awoke darkness within me I had no idea existed.
But he did. He saw the monster I really am, embraced it, coaxed it to the surface and unleashed it.
He fixed me, saved me and put me back together.
Then he broke me all over again.
And still I came back for more, just one more night.
One more night to be me.
One more night to be the real me.
The me that only he gets to see, because the minute I leave his penthouse apartment, I will bury my real self way down deep again.
Until the next time.
Because there will be a next time.
There is no END where we are concerned.
He is my broken man and I am his broken woman.
And we are broken together.
Whether I like it or not............
A shooting star
A tragic mistake
A forbidden secret
A sexy summer of love
When two worlds collide, two hearts unite.
Jackson “Jax” Caraway has been on the journey from hell. Four years ago, his life was turned upside down when he was smacked with the title of pedophile, fleeing the city, now a black sheep. There are two sides to every story, and his side has yet to be justified. Finally ready to step from the shadows to live his life, he’s decides to take the plunge.  He just never expected for fate to drop a bombshell at his feet.
Jessa Roberts, graduate of fashion design school in Paris, is at a crossroads in her life. Finally she is free to plant her roots wherever her heart takes her. After having accomplishing her dreams, she doesn’t know what to live for anymore. Looking skyward, she wishes upon a shooting star to discover what the meaning of her life is. Normally a quirky, urban girl, she decides to branch out during a boring summer to experience the country life. And boy does she love the country view, all six feet, hard body in tight wrangler jeans, white t shirt, and boots. Lucky her, the amazing specimen is outside her window too.
On a hot summer day, their worlds collide; sparking instant chemistry, intertwining their hearts, and a magical love affair begins. A true fairy tale. Will the past come back to haunt them? Will the secrets of their forbidden love tear them apart? Can their love be enough to last more than the summer?
A fifth-year surgical resident who only has time for her new career…
A talented heart surgeon who’s just returned from Doctors Without Borders and wants to make time for romance…
A relationship that can’t possibly get off the ground…or can it?
Quinn Ross has only a couple of months left of her residency in Houston before she takes her boards and joins a prestigious heart surgeon in Dallas. When she gets a serious case of pneumonia and becomes a patient herself, she meets Dr. Roman Burke.
Roman found his love in Doctors Without Borders and made a career out of helping those less fortunate, especially small children in places like Haiti. Roman hid his heart under a magnificent tattoo for a very private reason and when Quinn thinks she’s found the reason…she’s misled and very wrong, making a wild move which leaves her feelings and her heart locked away.

Can they find they find their way back to each other? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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